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Interior Design

Furnishing Procurement & Supply

1. Interior Design Process

Stage 1

Brief Development

We engage in detailed discussions with the client to build an accurate picture of their requirements. By taking the time to understand their motivations, aspirations, lifestyle, and objectives, we are able to deliver tailor made interiors. The client can provide us with photos, sketches, floor plans, samples and anything else they would like reflected in the brief. We use all the information gathered to draft a proposal containing the brief, outline scope of works and an estimated budget.

Stage 2

Concept Design

We present our vision and help the client gain a sense of the style and scale of the project. We share details of colour schemes, imagery of proposed furnishings and their layout and draft floor plans. A collaborative approach is taken to refine the scope of works until the client is completely satisfied.

Stage 3

Detailed Design

We flesh out the scope of works with details and dimensions. Technical aspects of the project such as surveys and measured drawings are arranged to facilitate accurate implementation. We build on the concept designs with detailed sketches incorporating layout, arrangement and visuals of furnishings. Sample boards are also provided for clients to view proposed fabrics, materials and colours. Estimated costs and timeframes for completion are provided.

Stage 4

Implementation & Execution

The schedule of works is presented to the client for approval. Our team will be present onsite on a daily basis to oversee the works. Regular project update meetings will be coordinated to ensure design specifications, timescales and budget are being met. The client will be briefed throughout with progress reports.

Stage 5


Following the completion of the project, we give our clients a chance to bed down and enjoy the new space. Clients can contact us during the snagging period, during which we will be readily available to deal with any issues noted.

2. Furnishing Procurement & Supply Process

Stage 1

Client Brief

We conduct a listening exercise with the client where they share their vision with us. Clients communicate their requirements by providing us with sketches, floor plans, vision boards and anything else they feel will enrich our understanding of their aspirations. Estimated timescales and budgets will be discussed as well as client availability and delivery preferences. These will inform planning the logistics of delivery.

Stage 2

Researching Options

We research options from our catalogue of global suppliers for furnishings that will most perfectly match the client’s brief. We draw up a shortlist of preferred options, including images, customisation details, delivery timescales and costs. As a result of our solid relationship with global suppliers we are able to negotiate competitive pricing for our clients.

Stage 3

Presenting Options

The client is provided with visuals of their floor plan with the proposed furnishings in place. Client is briefed about additional details such as cost and delivery. We will liaise with suppliers with any follow up queries the client has and relay the response.

Stage 4


Once client sign off has been received, we will confirm orders with suppliers. We closely track the journey from production to supply, liaising with suppliers on the client’s behalf and provide regular progress reports.

Stage 5

Delivery and Placement

We will execute seamless delivery of the furnishings to the client’s premises and can oversee placement, ensuring it perfectly matches the client’s brief.

3. Consultation

Some clients prefer to manage their own designs and just need guidance and advice.

Fees are: half-day £540 (four hours) or full-day £1,000 (seven-hour day including lunch)

4. Procurement & Supply Only

Falqoni Design offers a personal shopping service to accompany clients on visits to showrooms, art galleries, antiques dealers and fairs.

Fees are: half-day £540 (four hours) or full-day £1,000 (seven-hour day including lunch)